Financial Model Development

Our approach is simple. We talk to you to understand your needs. We share our ideas with you. We work towards a common goal. We follow a tried, tested and continuously improved methodology for model development that combines business analysis, financial, commercial and technical skills – that’s why our team are specially chosen for this mix of skills.

Model Development

There are a wide range of variables to be taken into account when developing a model, each affecting the time and skills needed to build the model. Each model will be developed for a specific purpose. The starting point and degree of information readily available will vary.

Stage 1: Scope & Design

  • Identifying the purpose and objective of the model
  • Identifying users of the model
  • Identifying constraints, such as limitations on time or resources
  • Identifying data requirements and availability
  • Identifying any specific output requirements

Confirm scope and specification of the model

Stage 2: Develop & Populate

  • Begin data collection
  • Development of input area of model
  • Development of output area of model
  • Development of calculations
  • Populate model with initial data

Initial model review of inputs and outputs by users

Stage 3: Review & Use

  • Refinement of model output and update of data input
  • Further reviews to refine final model
  • Independent review of final model (if required) and update
  • Use of final model confirmed with stakeholders

Completion of model development

Our Services

Development of Financial Models

  • From scratch and building from your existing models or templates
  • Link to corporate business plan or fund raising presentation

Financial Modelling Training

  • In-house one-to-one tutoring
  • In-house tutoring for small groups
  • Open training courses

Financial Model Audit and Assurance

  • Independent review of a financial model from a financial, technical and commercial perspective
  • Best practice review against industry standards



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