Tutoring & Training Courses

With increasing pressure on budgets training needs to be delivered in the most cost effective way whilst meeting business needs.

In-house One-to-One Tutoring

Our most experienced consultants can work alongside someone from the organisation on a specific modelling project.

This offers great value of knowledge transfer the benefits of training whilst delivering it in a real-life context.

Costs are significantly reduced and long, term benefits to the organisation maximised.

The consultant will:

  • Lead the scope and design activities with the in-house modeller working under instruction to complete activities
  • Develop the an outline of the model structure and some initial code
  • Support the modeller with specific training on structuring and writing the most effective Excel formulae
  • Review the in-house modellers work providing technical support where needed

In-house Small Group Tutoring

Our experienced consultants can also offer to run a small, private training course focussed specifically on the needs of the organisation, for example in relation to project appraisal, project monitoring, cost control, model review or risk assessment.

Costs are considerably less than individuals attending a public course and the benefits greater as it is more focussed on business need.

Open Training Courses

Whilst many courses work on completion of a template, the model development courses include training in other skills needed to develop models that meet user needs. This includes business analysis and consulting skills as well as the technical know-how.

The course has been written using over 20 years of skill and practical experience drawing on training originally undertaken in the Big4 and transaction experience across a wide range of sectors.

Courses are limited to 10 people to ensure sufficient individual attention. Our training courses are delivered in London and in Milton Keynes to provide geographic coverage.

Please contact us for course dates and availability.

Our Services

Development of Financial Models

  • From scratch and building from your existing models or templates
  • Link to corporate business plan or fund raising presentation

Financial Modelling Training

  • In-house one-to-one tutoring
  • In-house tutoring for small groups
  • Open training courses

Financial Model Audit and Assurance

  • Independent review of a financial model from a financial, technical and commercial perspective
  • Best practice review against industry standards



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