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Placing reliance on a spreadsheet model when making key decisions is a risky business. Many spreadsheet models are reused from earlier projects or from templates that have been updated by a number of different staff. This significantly increases risk of error.

We utilise the latest specialist model audit software and bespoke tools but more importantly the 20 years of experience gained completing model reviews for companies and their investors. As a result, we are able to provide a high level of insurance cover typically required by major lending institutions.

An independent review of the financial model can give you the additional comfort you need, making sure the pieces fit together.

Model audit activities are tailored to your needsand may include:

  • Sense checking the model from a commercial perspective
  • Review of logical integrity and mathematical accuracy
  • Review of formulae consistency
  • Review of model outputs and logic against bid documents
  • Review of the model inputs and calculations against formal documentation including Term Sheets from banks, financial contracts, shareholder agreements, etc
  • Review of controls in place to minimise error and advise practical steps to implement

The outputs from our review are in user friendly, linked Excel reports which prioritise issues raised, tracking response and clearance.

Feedback has been that our approach is excellent for both the modeller and the manager in quickly understanding the errors that may exist.

Our team structure and level of experience allow a tailored approach to meet your deadlines.

Our Services

Development of Financial Models

  • From scratch and building from your existing models or templates
  • Link to corporate business plan or fund raising presentation

Financial Modelling Training

  • In-house one-to-one tutoring
  • In-house tutoring for small groups
  • Open training courses

Financial Model Audit and Assurance

  • Independent review of a financial model from a financial, technical and commercial perspective
  • Best practice review against industry standards



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